MX Player Pro APK Download v1.51.8 Latest Version (Aug 2023)


MX Player Pro APK is the premium version of the MX Player APK. With more advanced features, the pro version has become the best video player for Android users. Compare to any other preinstalled players, MX Player is far better. But of course, this does not come for free. Users have to pay a chunk … Read more

MX Player AIO ZIP, EAC3 Codec | Download MX Player Codec


As a loyal Android user for the last several years, I can say MX Player is the most promising media player application ever. However, despite being the best media player, MX Player has some incompatibility issues. You may see an error message that ‘EAC3 Audio not supported’. This message flashes on your screen due to … Read more

MX Player APK Download v1.61 Beta Latest Version 2023 Android


We all like to watch movies or videos on the way to work, while traveling, etc. With the increasing screen quality of mobile phones, we have replaced our television sets with smaller screens. This brings us to the topic of video players for the phone. If you have ever used one of the video players … Read more